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The Ark Post Production


Quality Control

We are an approved BBC Studios QAR Vendor and skilled with all aspects of DPP deliveries. Our quality control experts can create detailed Eyeball reports and utilise Vidchecker to produce automated QC reports. We are fully set up for all major formats including UHD HDR.

Our experienced staff have a range of knowledge across modern and legacy formats and can suggest appropriate solutions for any issues that arise from QC or AQC. These issues can then be fixed in-house, speeding up the delivery and post production process.


Our wonderful team of in-house editors work across our 3 fully equipped edit suites with Avid Nitris, Adobe Premiere and Resolve. Capable of working simultaneously in 4K and HD. We are experienced in a range of media including Online Shorts, Episodic Broadcast Productions and Feature Films.

Each of our suites has access to over 500TB of shared storage with secure network storage. Using a high bandwidth network allows for fast, seamless project collaboration to reduce post production time and help ensure your TX deadlines are met.


We have two fully equipped 4K colour grading suites with professional advanced panels and full 4K HDR monitoring. The suites are fully licensed for Dolby Vision and set up for ACES workflows, our Blackmagic Advanced panel also ensures fluid control and allows for one touch access to most parameters.

Our post production team would love to talk through your project and help you create your vision. Our colourists have experience in a range of content from Features, Factual, Drama, Children’s content and Animation.

Audio Post Production

Our mixing suite has its own integrated VO booth meaning we can transition smoothly from recording voice over to the mix. The dubbing suite and VO booth are fully equipped with 5.1 monitoring, capable of working with Dolby-E as well as access to a large library of sound effects and a range of plug-ins.

We have worked on adverts, broadcast TV, feature films and more. We also offer professional podcast recording and editing. Record studio quality audio in our audio suite, removing the chance of distracting background noise. Our experienced team can make your podcast perfect.

Film Scanning & Restoration

With the Black Magic Cintel scanner, we can scan 35mm film at 4K or 16mm/Super 16mm film at 2K. The Cintel offers a quick, cost-effective way to digitise your content for future preservation and a great starting point for your digital restoration.

From SD to 4K film restoration, we can handle it all with four of the best pieces of restoration software in the business to choose from – Phoenix, MTI, Diamant & PF Clean with filters for dirt removal, de-grain, sharpening and lots more. The MTI then finishes off any restoration with its amazing set of manual restoration tools for working frame by frame.


We boast over 10 years of experience creating Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) and offer a fully managed HDD and electronic delivery service at unbeatable rates. Using your source footage, we can produce DCPs that are entirely DCI compliant. Our operators check each DCP for validity and guarantee that it will play back.

Any DCP demand, from 2K to 4K, stereo to 5.1, can be fulfilled. Creating DCPs for a variety of projects, including broadcast programmes, independent movies, and even personal projects. The Ark have worked with a number of major festivals like Sundance, SXSW, IDFA, and more.


The world of video is in constant flux with changes in technology providing new and cost-effective ways to distribute and monetise your programmes. Our Alchemist XF converter remains at the cutting edge of video standards conversion, delivering precision frame rate conversion performance in real time.

We can simplify your delivery process by creating an IMF (Interoperable Master Format) to create a seamless workflow from creation, to QC, to delivery. We frequently work with material ranging from HD to UHD including 5.1.

Tape Digitising

With the decline of tape formats being used by broadcasters, there has never been a more critical time to protect your valuable assets. Old tapes are at risk of deteriorating and becoming more difficult to restore with time.

We can digitise any of your tapes including legacy formats and are equipped with a comprehensive range of broadcast VTRs and Legacy decks to fulfil all your requirements. Our experts take great care when digitising tape formats to ensure your content is captured with no physical damage to your tape.

Content Management

The Ark has large digital and physical library facilities in Central and West London. We utilise the latest technology for archiving, short term storage and programme delivery combined with fast retrieval – ideal for global storage and deployment. We can provide a range of storage solutions.

Our dedicated Digital Dispatch team oversee all incoming and outgoing files on a daily basis and we are approved for digital delivery to most major broadcasters. We offer numerous delivery options and are happy to onboard with any delivery platforms.

Our Work

Live Italian_Still 01

Live Italian

Full Post Production

3 x 45' HD for Amazon Prime Video

In The Eye of The Storm

Full Post Production

6 x 40’ HD for Amazon Prime Video and VOD platforms


Pip & Posy - Series 1 & 2

Online Edit

104 x 10' HD for Milkshake, Sky & ZDF


The World Cook

Full Post Production

7 x 30' - 60' for Amazon Prime Video

Sewing Bee 2020

The Great British Sewing Bee

International Reversioning & Music Replacements

Series 1 - 9


Game on Grandparents

Full Post Production

10 x 10' HD for CBBC


The Great Pottery Throw Down

International Reversioning & Music Replacements

Series 1-6



Full Post Production

1 x 90' Feature Film


How to Be Behzinga

Full Post Production

3 x 22' HD for YouTube


Beer Masters

Grade, VO Recording & Audio Mix

5 x 45' HD for Amazon Prime Video


Doc Martin

Scanning & Restoration


Saving Grace

Scanning & Restoration


Alice Sweet Alice

Complete Restoration


The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

Scan and Grade





Clive Davis: Most Iconic Performances

Grade & Audio Mix

4 x 60' HD


Discover London

Full Production & Post

Series 1 - 6 x 24' HD
Series 2 - 6 x 45' HD